Animal clinics

Vital work is carried out in a clinic supported by WSPA

With so many animals in developing countries requiring veterinary attention, the need for well-equipped treatment facilities is vital.

WSPA helps local partners across the world set up veterinary clinics to deliver affordable care to animals in need.

The call for improved facilities is urgent: 

  • Veterinary medicine in many countries is either too expensive for the average animal owner or simply not available.
  • Specialized knowledge of surgical techniques or correct use of medicines may be lacking locally.
  • Availability of resources and equipment can be extremely limited.

Clinics make a huge difference to the lives of animals, and their owners

Your support enables us to assist the following projects, among many others: 

  • A new animal hospital in Jordan, with vet training and public education centers.
  • The construction and running of static clinics, with animal-transport services to the sites, in Thailand, Egypt and Brazil.
  • A mobile clinic to treat the working ponies of Lampang is up and running in Thailand, traveling to areas where on-the-spot treatments and education are required.
  • Training and support for local vet teams, which also forms part of WSPA’s disaster management and prevention work.

If you share WSPA’s vision of a world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends, sign the petition for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare today.

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