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Face-to-Face Fundraising

WSPA USA is actively seeking monthly supporters via face-to-face fundraising in your communities. We launched our door-to-door fundraising campaign in August 2010, in New York, and our street fundraising campaign in June 2012 in California. These methods of fundraising have proven to be effective in introducing people to our work. We understand that this fundraising technique may raise some questions, and this page is intended to answer them.

What is face-to-face fundraising?
This type of communication allows you to engage one-on-one with a WSPA fundraiser in your community. A WSPA fundraising representative will speak to you either on the street or at your door in order to explain more about WSPA’s work. The representatives will also collect donations via direct debit or credit/debit card. This type of communication allows you to speak directly to a knowledgeable member of the WSPA fundraising team about the different ways to get involved with WSPA, and will allow you to donate with confidence – knowing that your gift will be put to great use for animals.

Why does the WSPA use this method of fundraising?
Face-to-face fundraising is proven to be a safe and secure method for recruiting new donors and it is also a cost-effective way of raising funds to support our mission. It is especially successful in recruiting supporters who have tended not to respond to other types of fundraising, as some people prefer to be approached personally before they donate and be given the chance to ask questions.

Who are the fundraisers and how will I know if they are genuine?
WSPA fundraisers are individuals who are committed to WSPA’s mission to create a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended.

Legitimate fundraisers will:
- Be properly dressed, wearing a black or orange vest or an orange polo shirt with the WSPA logo printed on the front and back.
- Wear an ID badge with the WSPA logo and the fundraiser's name, ID number and photo.
- Ask for regular, monthly gifts via direct debit or credit/debit card.

To help ensure our fundraisers are knowledgeable ambassadors for WSPA, we hold frequent training sessions to teach them about our history, policies and projects. Their performance is monitored regularly and WSPA has a strict policy whereby fundraisers must be respectful, polite and non-confrontational. If you have a concern or question about one of our fundraisers please contact us at 800.883.9772.

Is my information confidential?
All financial information is confidential. Donating through the face-to-face fundraising program is an effective way to support WSPA’s mission. WSPA and our vendors are all compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations for financial data security and meet industry regulations related to face-to-face fundraising.

I donated through the face-to-face fundraising program. How do I make a change to my donation?

Please contact our supporter services team. You can submit your request here or call 1-800-883-9772. You will need to provide your name, address and the reference number from your form or welcome card. Be sure to mention that you donated either on the street or at your door.

Who is conducting fundraising on behalf of WSPA?
California: Our teams of fundraisers are supplied by Public Outreach Group, a professional fundraising organization headquartered in Seattle, Wash. For more information, visit

New York: Our teams of fundraisers are supplied by Appco Group Support, a division of Appco Group, US. Appco is a professional fundraising organization headquartered in London. For more information, visit

Where is the fundraising taking place?
Currently, our campaign is taking place exclusively in New York and California.

How your donation will help
We cannot overemphasize the value of a regular monthly gift. For animals to live a life free from cruelty, they need long-term, ongoing help from people like you. Joining our Animal Rescue Team with a regular monthly donation of $16 or more is the best way you can make a real difference to animals’ lives, worldwide. Monthly gifts allow WSPA to plan ahead for emergencies and ensure the ongoing success of our existing programs. Please show your support for animals by donating a small donation every month. If you have further questions, please call us at 800.883.9772.

Join WSPA and help us create a world where animals matter and animal cruelty has ended.

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