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It’s in a hen’s nature to lay her eggs in a nest, perch, scratch and strut about – but cages don’t allow hens to do this. Choose cage-free eggs to promote the humane treatment and proper care of hens. Find out more >>

WSPA Calls for Australia to Stop Shipment of Livestock

Australia has halted the live export of cattle to Egypt as shocking footage of animal cruelty in Egyptian slaughterhouses has emerged.

WSPA Congratulates New York Legislature on Major Step for Marine Animal Welfare

Once signed, legislation will be the largest ban on the trade of shark fins outside Asia.

Update on bullfighting action

Update on Bullfighting Action

Contact the Spanish Ambassador to the United States and ask him to speak out against legal protection for bullfighting.

An evacuation site in Myanmar

India leads Asia with strategy to protect animals during disasters

India is taking ground-breaking action to help safeguard the hundreds of thousands of animals and the millions of people who are affected each year by disasters.


'Scientific Report' issued from CTF lacks credibility and cannot serve as basis for the dialogue

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