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Holiday Cruelty: WSPA investigation exposes reindeer mistreatment

A recent WSPA video investigation has revealed that one of the holiday's most popular symbols - the reindeer - is being subjected to immense suffering in large-scale round-ups and slaughter in Sweden and Finland.

Our video footage may appear particularly disturbing, especially at this time of year, but it is a stark portrayal of the gruesome reality of the commercial reindeer meat trade: herds of panicked reindeer are rounded up, dragged and shoved onto trucks bound for slaughter. Along the way, they face further suffering from mistreatment, starvation and disease. Finally, those who make it to the slaughterhouse struggle and kick as they are killed with knives.

Please take action now to help us put an end to the appalling mistreatment of reindeer in Sweden and Finland.

Please note: The video will not play automatically, so you can still take action without viewing the footage, which contains graphic images and may be distressing.

Help end fur farming in Israel

Soon, a vote will be held on a crucial bill that could ban fur farming in Israel for good.

During its first reading, the bill received unanimous support from Israeli politicians. Recent polls also show that 86% of Israel’s citizens are against farming animals for fur. We need your help to keep this momentum going and set a global precedent by making Israel the first country in the world to ban fur in its entirety.

WSPA will deliver all the letters to Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer in time for the next vote in Israel's Parliament. Your voice will encourage Israeli's government to ban fur farming in its entirety by stopping all production and trade. Take action now >>

Speak up for bears

Right now more than 1,400 bears suffer on bear bile farms in South Korea.

They're confined to cramped, barren cages until the age of 10, when they are then slaughtered for their bile, which is then used in Traditional Asian Medicine. This brutal practice is still legal under Korean law.

Help us show South Korea that the world is watching. Please sign our petition to Ambassador Han Duk-soo at the Embassy of South Korea in the United States and demonstrate the strength of international support for phasing out bear farming in South Korea.


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