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Demand an end to sea turtle cruelty at the Cayman Turtle Farm

An undercover investigation conducted by WSPA at the Cayman Turtle Farm -- a popular tourist destination and the world's only last remaining facility that raises sea turtles for slaughter -- has revealed disturbing animal cruelty and potential human health risks.

Video footage and photographs from the farm shows thousands of endangered sea turtles being kept in dirty, packed touch tanks. Swimming in water filled with their own waste, the turtles fight for food, bite each other and even resort to cannibalism. Many suffer from disease and birth defects, such as injured fins or missing eyes.

These foul conditions aren't only affecting the resident turtles -- humans could be at risk, as well. WSPA tested and found traces of Salmonella and E. coli in the turtle touch tank waters -- meaning that visitors who touch the sea turtles are at risk for contracting these diseases.

Take action today to urge the Cayman Turtle Farm to end sea turtle farming and transition to a safe and animal-friendly education center.

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