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Demand an end to sea turtle cruelty at the Cayman Turtle Farm

An undercover investigation conducted by WSPA at the Cayman Turtle Farm -- a popular tourist destination and the world's only last remaining facility that raises sea turtles for slaughter -- has revealed disturbing animal cruelty and potential human health risks.

Make a difference for millions of egg-laying hens

One of the worst industrial farming abuses is the confinement of hens to barren battery cages, where hens are crammed together with little room to move - let alone flap their wings.
Sohrab explores the enclosure, standing to look at the trees that will provide shade for the bears.

Action Alert: Tell South Carolina to Put an End to Bear Cruelty

If you're a South Carolina voter or resident, ask Governor Haley to make South Carolina the final state to outlaw the barbaric practice of bear baying.

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