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Are You and Your Pets Prepared for a Disaster

Jun 9, 2011
Animals are often displaced or abandoned during earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados. Many suffer terribly from injuries, or endure hunger and dehydration. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Watch this animated public service announcement from WSPA, and read more to learn what you can do to protect your pets ahead of an emergency.

WSPA rejects temporary suspension of live cattle exports to Indonesia

Jun 8, 2011
After more than a week of intense public pressure, following the horrific evidence provided by Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia that aired on Four Corners, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a suspension of all live cattle exports to Indonesia

WSPA calls for action as new footage in Australia exposes the cruelty of live cattle export

Jun 6, 2011
WSPA is calling for an immediate end to live cattle exports from Australia to Indonesia, following the exposure of horrific cruelty inflicted on animals in Indonesia’s slaughterhouses on Australia’s Four Corners program.

Victory: Hawaii Legislature does not Pass Slaughterhouse Bill

Jun 2, 2011
WSPA is pleased to announce that Hawaii lawmakers did not enact a bill that would have used state funds to purchase a slaughterhouse in Oahu.

Sanctuary Life is Good: An Update on the Three Rescued Bears at Balkasar

Jun 1, 2011
Six months after their rescue from horrific bear baiting events, Leela, Kaali and Bhoori are enjoying their new freedom.

WSPA finds influential, attentive audience at UN sustainability meeting

May 19, 2011
International governments represented at the UN hear WSPA link animal welfare to sustainability at pre-cursor meeting to Earth Summit 2012

WSPA releases online education resource in three languages

May 18, 2011
The all-encompassing site champions animal welfare education worldwide.

Animal welfare is an integral part of global sustainability

May 10, 2011
WSPA demonstrates the role of animal welfare in humane, sustainable farming at UN meeting

Action Alert: Take another step to stop Icelandic whaling

May 3, 2011
Urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to take the necessary steps to certify Iceland under the Pelly Amendment so that President Obama has the right to impose trade sanctions.

WSPA-led Coalition Proudly Completes Operation in Haiti

May 3, 2011
The Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) has successfully met all six objectives outlined in its $1 million agreement with the Haitian government.

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