Mongolian herdsmen applaud WSPA programs

Oct 4, 2006

Mongolian herder and horses

Horses, donkeys and mules are a vital form of motive power for millions of Mongolian people and their goods. WSPA's equine projects celebrate their first achievements in improving animals' health and people's lives.

Together with its member society, Cambridge and Mongolian Disaster Appeal (CAMDA), WSPA is providing veterinary treatment for livestock and camels with mass preventative medicines that tackle parasites which affect horses in the worst hit Mongolian provinces.

Before the treatments, local herders were losing more than 500 horses per year due to parasite-related diseases.

In the Kishig Ondor area there were 7,000 horses when the project started. This has now increased to over 11,000.

Local repsonse

Local herders, whose animals have benefited from the treatments, report how their animals' health has improved over the past 3 years:

"I have not lost any animals since the treatments began. Losing our animals affects everything, I would not be able to pay for my children‘s education and there would be a lack of dairy products which is a large part of our diet." 
Batsbuuri from Kishig Ondor  
"The vets have treated injuries from the wolf attacks, and only one died. My animals mean everything for my family and I take great joy in riding my horses. CAMDA and WSPA have made my animals stronger and healthier." 
Dashdorg from Muren  
"I suffered no deaths this year, but had 10 horses stolen and can not replace them as they are worth $1,300. In 2001 I lost all my cattle, if I lose my animals my family would not survive." 
Baatbar from Muren

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