More good news for Vietnam's bears

Jun 28, 2006

After lengthy consultation with WSPA, the Vietnamese Government has introduced improved legislation for the protection and management of captive bears in Vietnam.

This is a great sign that the government is sticking to its commitment to phase out  bear bile farms in Vietnam and ensure that no more bears are introduced into this cruel industry.

Bear bile is used in many consumer products, and has long been an ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine, though there are synthetic alternatives available. Bears are kept caged for years on end, and undergo regular procedures to drain bile from their livers.

Regulations promise continued progress

In a landmark agreement last year,  the government of Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding with WSPA and began to gradually phase out bear bile farming in their country.

The Ministry of Agriculture And Rural Development has now issued a regulation that:

  • requires captive bears in Vietnam to have a recorded profile along with an attached electronic chip for easy tracking.

  • prohibits the killing of bears as well as the transferring and trading of their organs.

  • prohibits the advertisement, export, and temporary import for re-export of bears.

states that a special transfer paper, endorsed by the provincial forest management bureau, is required for any transfer of bears from their place/s of residence.
The new regulations aim to further protect Vietnam‘s national bear population from rampant hunting for their galls and other organs.


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