Universal Declaration campaign launched in US

Sep 1, 2006

We are seeking a total of 10 million signatures on the "Animals Matter to Me" petition, making it the most ambitious global initiative on animal welfare that has ever been attempted. This petition urges the United Nations to adopt a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare similar to earlier initiatives on human rights and the environment.

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There is NO international protection for animals

Billions of animals around the world are affected by humans, and rely on people to treat them with compassion. But sadly, in many countries there is little national and no international protection for animals.

WSPA believes that an international agreement on welfare standards should become a key goal for the animal welfare movement in the 21st century. The first step toward achieving this end would be to secure a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare at the United Nations.

A Universal Declaration accepted by the UN would:

  • Recognize animals as sentient beings, capable of suffering and experiencing pain

  • Recognize that animal welfare is an issue of importance as a part of the social development of nations

  • Act as a catalyst for better animal welfare provisions worldwide

Why you should sign the petition

Reaching the goal of 10 million signatures worldwide will raise public and government awareness about animals and the importance of considering their welfare.

It will show governments that animals and their treatment matters to everyone.

Sign the Animals Matter To Me petition >>


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Animals matter

Sign our petiton for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

Elephants at a Kenyan orphanage run by a member society