WSPA monitors two disaster zones

Apr 24, 2006

WSPA's disaster management team is currently monitoring two critical situations and assessing the needs of the animals in the affected areas.

Flooding in Central Europe

The WSPA is liaising with member societies in South East Europe after melting snow and heavy rain swelled the River Danube to its highest level in more than a century causing severe floods.  Several of WSPA's Member Societies are on the scene assessing the damage and consequences on the animal population.

Last year WSPA helped facilitate disaster relief work in Romania after its worst floods in 40 years by providing vital funds to its member society Vier Pfoten - International who delivered animal aid in the worst hit areas.

Please help us to continue to respond to disasters as they occur by making a donation today.

Volcanic alert in Indonesia

The WSPA's disaster management team is monitoring the activity of a volcano on the Indonesian Island of Java which is threatening to erupt. The area around Mount Merapi is on the second highest level of alert, one below that needed to trigger a compulsory evacuation. The WSPA is liasing with our Member Societies in the region.

Emergency shelters have been set up and it is anticipated that up to 80,000 people will be displaced by the disaster.

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A dog found by a disaster relief team after flooding, Costa Rica