WSPA moves new resident to bear sanctuary

Oct 4, 2006

Maylu being cared for at the sanctuary

An abandoned bear cub named Maylu has been taken into WSPA care at its Kund Park Bear Sanctuary in Pakistan. Maylu was found in a poor condition just outside his natural habitat in the Himalayan Kaghan Valley.

The villagers who discovered the bear could trace no signs of its mother and they captured it with a view to sell it in the local market.

Fortunately, before Maylu could be sold into the black market bear trade, army officials gained knowledge of the cub and confiscated him.

In wildlife department care

Maylu was handed to local wildlife officials by the army, and the wildlife department did their best to care for the distressed bear.

Unfortunately, members of the wildlife department were not trained in how to care for a bear cub in the proper manner and they even expressed their fear of this tiny bear cub.

Nutritional requirements were not met as they were feeding Maylu with bread and fruits that were impossible for his delicate young stomach to digest.

Shocking prospect of life at a zoo

Talks began at the wildlife department of moving Maylu to a zoo – at this point WSPA heard about Maylu and quickly set the wheels in motion to receive the bear into the renowned Kund Park Bear Sanctuary.

Fortunately, the move to the zoo was halted by WSPA staff who were appalled at the deteriorating condition of the young cub.

They convinced the wildlife officials that they lacked the skills to properly nourish Maylu and that only WSPA were equipped with the knowledge and facilities to give this orphan the future he deserves.

Maylu handed to WSPA

Following examination by WSPA veterinary staff the wildlife officials released the bear into WSPA custody and plans were laid to move the bear to Kund Park near the Peshawar region of Pakistan.

Shockingly, the results of the veterinary examination revealed that Maylu was so undernourished that he only weighed 7.8 KG when a bear of 7 months old should actually weigh (approx.) 20KG.

A special diet was prepared to restore Maylu’s health and he was moved to an area where contact with humans would be limited, thus allowing him to exhibit his natural behavior to the fullest extent.

Encouraging signs

After just 5 days Maylu’s weight had increased to 9.4KG which showed encouraging signs that he was well on the road to a full recovery.

Maylu currently resides in the intensive care section of the Kund Park Sanctuary.

Tracking Maylu's progress

When Maylu has reached his correct weight of 20KG WSPA plans to release him into his own enclosure where he will learn the skills required to live in the wild.

When WSPA and Kund Park staff are confident that Maylu exhibits all the attributes required to fend for himself, there will be a possibility that he may be released back into the original habitat where he was found.

Why ‘Maylu'?

Maylu is local Pushtu dialect for bear, hence the reason he was bestowed the name.

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