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WSPA sponsors Caribbean conference

Jun 8, 2006

Hosted by WSPA member societies the Antigua and Barbuda Humane Society and the Pegasus Foundation, and sponsored by WSPA, key topics of discussion included disaster management, animal welfare and humane stray control and marine mammal issues that affect the region.   

The conference, which took place just days before the start of the 2006 hurricane season, allowed participants to engage in a disaster simulation, where they were presented with various crisis scenarios and challenged to formulate response plans.  Coincidentally, the Montserrat volcano erupted just two days after the conference concluded, underscoring the importance of disaster mitigation and response in the Caribbean.  Other highlights included in-depth sessions on dealing with animal cruelty, which can be rampant across the region with its enormous stray population, and discussions about activities NGOs can engage in to preserve and protect their marine resources. 

Susan Sherwin, WSPA USA Campaigns Manager, reports, “The level of commitment and enthusiasm shown by the attendees was so encouraging.  These people are doing critical work in their home countries, and it was wonderful to be able to provide an opportunity to share experiences and expertise and hopefully facilitate the creation of a Caribbean wide animal welfare network.”

WSPA is working with these regional groups and member societies The Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA to create a network of organizations and resources dedicated to promoting and protecting animal welfare in the region.

To view some of the conference materials relating to whales and whaling, please click the links below.

Troubled Waters - a review of the welfare implications of modern whaling activities

Food for Thought: Competition between marine mammals and fisheries

Scientific Whaling - species chart

Humpback whale fact sheet

Minke whale fact sheet

Sperm whale fact sheet

Short-finned Pilot whale fact sheet

The RMS and Animal Welfare

Marine Noise

Whale watching vs. Whaling - The Economics

Whales vs. Fish

Why Whales and the IWC are Important to Caribbean Nations

Action Alert: Caribbean IWC Member Countries

Action Alert: Caribbean IWC Non-member Countries


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