Whalewatch reactive news statement

Feb 10, 2006

Press Release

10 February 2006

"News that the Japan Whaling Association is sourcing new markets to promote their surplus whale meat proves to the international community that there is no significant demand for these products. Moreover, this is further proof, as if any were needed, that so called "scientific" whaling is commercial whaling by any other name," said Andy Ottaway, Director of Campaign Whale, on behalf of Whalewatch.

He added: "The inhumane hunting of whales and Japan's plans to test a new style harpoon are clearly unnecessary. However "advanced" harpoons become, whaling is inherently cruel and unjustified."

Whalewatch - a coalition of over 140 animal welfare organisations representing more than 55 countries - is pressing the government of Japan and the International Whaling Commission to halt all scientific permit whaling operations on the grounds of animals welfare.



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