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Dog cull inhumane, ineffective - update

Aug 7, 2006
Another local government in China is planning a controversial mass cull of dogs in an attempt to tackle recent outbreaks of rabies.

United Nations 'first' for animal welfare

Aug 4, 2006
For the first time in the history of the United Nations, animal welfare will be on the agenda at a conference on human security and sustainable development on September 6-8 in New York.

Monkeys rescued from illegal traders

Aug 2, 2006
More than 40 monkeys are enjoying a new life of freedom after being rescued by WSPA member society ProFauna.

Aid for bombed animal shelter in Beirut

Jul 20, 2006
WSPA has released funds to aid an animal shelter that was partially destroyed by a missile during the conflict in Lebanon, leaving 200 dogs and cats vulnerable and in need of food and veterinary care.

Emergency relief for animals in East India

Jul 20, 2006
WSPA is providing veterinary aid and relief to thousands of animals stranded or at risk of starvation and disease after flash floods in India.

Animal welfare still a concern at Ontario zoos

Jul 19, 2006
WSPA investigations found that Ontario zoos continue to operate despite substandard conditions and repeated censure and advice from WSPA.

Dancing bears in India begin new pain free life

Jul 7, 2006
A project supported by WSPA and its Member Society the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) has freed two dancing bears in India from a life of pain and torture.

More good news for Vietnam's bears

Jun 28, 2006
Vietnam is pushing ahead with its plan to phase out bear bile farms.

Undercover rescue saves baby gorilla

Jun 27, 2006
A risky undercover operation by Innovation pour le Development et la Protection de l'Evironment (IDPE), a WSPA member society, has led to the rescue of a baby gorilla.

Anti-whaling countries hold slim margin

Jun 16, 2006
Despite what was thought to be a certain defeat for whale protection, anti-whaling nations managed today to hold on to a narrow majority at the International Whaling Commission IWC at its annual meeting in St. Kitts.

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