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WSPA rallies for seals in Boston

Mar 15, 2006
On Wednesday, March 15, WSPA staff and supporters gathered in Boston with other animal welfare groups and concerned citizens to protest Canada's annual seal hunt.

Canada stirs controversy with seal hunt

Feb 27, 2006
2006 marks the third year that Canada is allowing an increased quota on the number of harp seals that can be legally killed during this year's hunt.

Achievements of 2005

Feb 14, 2006
WSPA works in cooperation with more than 600 member societies across the globe to produce positive results for animals. The following are a number of successes we have achieved in 2005 with the help of our member organizations.

Whalewatch reactive news statement

Feb 10, 2006
News that the Japan Whaling Association is sourcing new markets to promote their surplus whale meat proves to the international community that there is no significant demand for these products.

WSPA names Disaster Management Director

Feb 2, 2006
The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Yates as Disaster Management Director.

Bear park visitors unaware of cruelty

Jan 30, 2006
A recent poll of visitors to Japan's bear parks stated that they were unaware of how the bears suffered, and that they would not have visited if they had been aware.

Thames whale was dehydrated

Jan 26, 2006
The death of a bottlenose whale in the Thames from dehydration, muscle damage and reduction in kidney function confirms our thoughts that the whale drove itself into the shallows of the river because it was feeling unwell and had become disorientated.

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