Farm animal victory in the USA

Nov 10, 2006


WSPA congratulates member societies the Humane Society of the United States and the Farm Sanctuary for their work, along with other US-based animal welfare groups, in improving the lives of thousands of farm animals.

This has been achieved by initiating a ban on sow stalls and veal carts in Arizona that was approved by voters this week. The public campaign which led to the landslide result was accomplished with the Arizona Humane Society and the Animal Defense League of Arizona.

"We applaud the hard work of all of the organizations involved in this historical victory for animal welfare. Apart from improving the lives of thousands of animals, it also sets a benchmark for other American states and indeed other countries around the world."
Major General Peter Davies, Director General of WSPA

Exporting model farm practices worldwide

WSPA has launched an international campaign to spread awareness of humane and sustainable farm practices to developing countries.

In many of these countries the practice of cruel, intensive factory farming is exploding.

WSPA’s Model Farm Project, in partnership with the Food Animal Initiative (FAI), will start in Brazil and China - two of the world’s biggest meat producing countries.

The project will act as a flagship example of alternative farming systems for chickens, pigs and cows that adhere to improved welfare standards.

The project also aims to raise awareness of inhumane farming practices and encourages Brazilian and Chinese consumers to purchase meats, milks and eggs that have been reared on farms that take the animal’s welfare into consideration.

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