Member society wades in after storms hit Sri Lanka

Nov 29, 2006

Blue Paws Trust provide emergency care

Sri Lanka was in a state of emergency recently after heavy storms buffeted the island, resulting in flash floods and landslides. Areas affected included major cities such as the capital Colombo, Galle and Gampaha.

It is reported that, as a result of the storms, 23 Sri Lankans died, two were injured, and at least 331,000 people have been displaced.

Member society lends a hand

WSPA member society, Blue Paw Trust, recognized that a number of animals were also being affected by the severe weather conditions and sent a mobile veterinary unit into the Puttalam District, North of Colombo, to assist in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Working alongside government veterinarians, the organization provided veterinary assistance to livestock, upon which many families depend for their livelihoods.

A successful outcome

Speaking about the events, Dr Kate Blazak, Companion Animals Veterinary Project Manager, WSPA Asia said, “Within a day the team arrived and coordinated with local Government to assess, rescue and provide veterinary treatment to those animals in need.

After a week of intensive help to the animals and their owner‘s, the situation was considered under control. Another job well done for Blue Paw Trust helping those most in need after a local disaster.”

Blue Paw Trust exists to create a better world for animals, for example providing pregnancy diagnosis to cattle, treating sick cattle goats and pigs and giving veterinary advice to farmers, all of which are vital to Sri Lankan communities.

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