Bear cub rescued by Tennessee Member Society

Jun 28, 2007

WSPA recently received a letter from Lisa Stewart, the curator of our member society the Appalachian Bear Rescue (ABR) in Townsend, Tennessee.  ABR is a unique black bear rehabilitation facility located in the Smokey Mountains that has been rescuing and releasing bears for over a decade.   Lisa wrote to WSPA to let us know about their latest bear cub and his journey to recovery at ABR.

Dear Friends,

Please meet our new cub...Precious Little Miracle!!  He doesn't have a proper name yet, but they are all "Precious" to me!!  This little cub arrived from Arkansas on Tuesday, June 19, and he weighs only five pounds.

I'm giving the little cub a lot of attention until I can get him on a good eating regime.  He's so tiny and frail, his right eye is infected, and I've had to remove some awful ticks from his small body.  But the cub has a strong will to live and is improving a bit every day.  I am encouraged that he is so eager to lap formula each time it is offered, and he even climbed around on the cage today as if he were feeling better.

I don't want to stress the cub out totally by examining him too much—I'm trying to gain his trust while still letting him be a bear.  The other day he bit me and huffed at me, but the bite was not as bad as that of a mosquito and the "huff" was more like a tiny sneeze.  I acted scared so he would feel important!  He's trying so hard to be a real bear—he gingerly partakes of the food goodies and puts them in a cache when he's finished, and then he slowly retreats to his house and pulls in hay and leaves to tuck in himself and his stuffed buddy bear—He has ripped out my heart!!

I started the cub on some mild antibiotics yesterday. I just don't know how he survived this long, but I'm thankful he is here and I pray I can give him all he needs.  Our President, Jack Burgin, has already said, "Spare no expense...give that little one anything he needs!" 

I wish people could fully understand the incredible courage our black bears possess.  This little cub must have been orphaned almost immediately after exiting the den.  It is a "miracle" that he survived.  It breaks my heart to know that there are so many more out there that we haven't found yet, and I wish we could help them all. 

This is another reason that I'm so proud and honored that ABR is a Member Society of WSPA because WSPA can make positive things happen on a much broader scale than ABR can.  I'm glad we can work together because it takes all of us to make a difference.

Precious Little Miracle is going to be my summer/fall project, for sure!!  I've also been alerted that two more cubs may arrive from AR this week—it's certainly turning into a busy cub summer!

Lisa Stewart
Curator, Appalachian Bear Rescue (ABR)

Visit the ABR website to learn more about their bear rescue and release work >>


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