Cattle die in severe floods

Mar 9, 2007

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has officially declared a national disaster after flooding and torrential rain severely affected humans and animals.

It is estimated that some 11,000 cattle have died, according to Reuters news agency. 

The region’s farms are widely dispersed making them difficult to reach, even by boat.

Stranded livestock are being tended to and fed where possible, but it is proving difficult to reach all the affected animals in time.

Farmers who have managed to transport their cattle to Trinidad Port by boat are finding that there is a lack of feed and nowhere to house their animals.

We are supporting our Member Society, Animales SOS, which is working in temporary shelters to provide veterinary care.

Animales SOS are working with humanitarian organizations to provide shelter for companion animals and are operating an outreach boat to deliver much needed feed and veterinary care to livestock stranded in remote areas cut off by the floods.

A WSPA team is also heading to Santa Ana and Santa Cruz, areas also severely affected by the floods, to assess what animal welfare assistance is required.

WSPA Member Society, RSPCA International, will be co-funding a veterinary clinic and temporary animal shelter adjacent to a humanitarian emergency camp set-up by Oxfam in Bolivia, to care for and house companion animals.

WSPA Member Society, RSPCA International, will be funding the provision and operation of a companion animal shelter adjacent to an emergency camp for displaced people that is to be set-up and operated by Oxfam in Bolivia.

As a Member Society the RSPCA is kept up-to-date with all of WSPA’s work and is generously supporting this disaster management intervention.

WSPA is also continuing with assessments of further areas affected by the flooding, vaccinating companion animals which are in contact with humans, and supplying feed and bedding to stranded and abandoned animals including livestock.

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