Celebrities bring media attention to Japanese dolphin slaughter

Nov 2, 2007

In late October, celebrity activists attracted international media attention when they paddled through waters stained with blood to honor the spirits of thousands of dolphins killed in Taiji, Japan each year during the village's annual “drive fisheries” slaughter. International celebrities including Hayden Panettiere, star of the American TV show, Heroes, participated in the protest.  Also taking part were Australian actress Isabel Lucas, professional surfer Dave Rastovich, model Hannah Rastovich, and author Peter Heller.  Other celebrities, including actor Pierce Brosnan, actress Alexandra Paul, professional surfer Karina Petroni, musician Julian Lennon, and Heroes actors Noah Gray-Cabey and Greg Grunberg support the campaign.

Watch CNN's video coverage of the moving event organized by The Whaleman Foundation in collaboration with the Animal Welfare Institute, a WSPA member society. 

In May, Hayden Paettiere, along with actor Esai Morales and surfer Dave Rastovich, attended the International Whaling Commission meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.  They spoke out against whaling on video podcasts produced by the WSPA.  Click on the video link below to hear their messages of support.

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