Disaster Alert

Aug 17, 2007

WSPA staff throughout the world are monitoring current and impending disaster situations for any animal welfare needs. 

As of August 23, 2007

A widely reported earthquake with a magnitude of 8.0 in Peru has caused a trusted and well-respected team from one of WSPA's member societies to deploy its DART (Disaster Assessment and Response Team) to the area to assess animal needs. At this early stage it appears that the need will be small due to the nature of the damage but we will wait for detailed information from the field.

After three weeks of heavy monsoon rains, Bangladesh is experiencing the worst floods in living memory. Worst hit are two broad regions in the centre of Bangladesh, astride the River Ganges from the Indian border to the south of Dhaka. WSPA is working in partnership with the Bangladesh Government, the Human Development Program (HDP) and the Bangladesh Animal Welfare Organization (BAWO) to focus its emergency relief planning on animals in approximately 80 of the existing temporary refugee camps.

Meanwhile, WSPA is in contact with local animal groups in the Caribbean and Mexico to assess animal welfare needs resulting from Hurricane Dean.
The Costa Rican volcano Volcan Turrialba appears to be close to an eruption.  WSPA staff in Costa Rica are focusing on reducing the risk to animals in the area, should one occur. 
Typhoon Tokage recently lashed the Japanese island of Kyushu with 140+ MPH winds, causing the roof of the Okinawan American Animal Society shelter to fail.  WSPA is fully funding the repairs for its replacement.

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A horse receives primary care after Hurricane Felix hit Nicaragua