Dolphin park poised to profit from bloody drive fisheries

Oct 10, 2007

October 2007 - Update: Dolphin export from Japan to the Dominican Republic has been cancelled!
WSPA applauds the government of the Dominican Republic for their role in stopping the cruel and inhumane import of twelve live dolphins from Japan's drive hunts to Ocean World theme park in the Dominican Republic.  See below for more information.

WSPA is celebrating this announcement in the wake of the recent publicity this issue has received thanks to the celebrities who have been involved in protesting Japan's cruel drive hunts.

March 2007

An amusement park in the Dominican Republic is trying to import twelve dolphins captured during Japan's bloody drive fisheries. The Ocean World Adventure Park plans to profit from the suffering of dolphins unless the President of the Dominican Republic can be persuaded to deny this import request.

WSPA is supporting the efforts of the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition to convince President Leonel Fernandez Reyna to denounce Japans' cruel dolphin hunts by refusing to allow these twelve dolphins to be imported into the Dominican Republic. Through a direct appeal to the President, a press conference and graphic footage of the hunt and capture of these dolphins posted on, WSPA hopes that President Reyna and authorities in the Dominican Republic will be convinced that the welfare of dolphins is more valuable than attracting a few tourist dollars.

The drive fisheries are an annual event in Taiji during which hundreds of dolphins and small whales are rounded up by fishermen and forced into shallow water. Once the dolphins are trapped within the nets, the fishermen use long knives or spear-like devices to kill and butcher the animals. A select few are chosen for the captivity industry to be trained to take part in aquatic shows and swim-with-dolphin programs.

To view the video of the capture of dolphins during Japan's bloody drive fisheries, please click here. Please be aware that this footage is very graphic and disturbing.

Take Action

WSPA urges its members to write a polite email to President Leonel Fernandez Reyna of the Dominican Republic requesting that he use his authority to deny the import of 12 dolphins captured during Japans' bloody drive fisheries. Remind him that allowing the import of these dolphins will imply support of Japan's annual dolphin hunts and provide further incentive to the fishermen in Taiji to continue their hunts.

Please send your email to:

To learn more about efforts to stop Japan's annual dolphin hunts, please visit Save Japan Dolphins at

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