Europe agrees complete ban on dog and cat fur

Apr 28, 2007

The dog trade

On Thursday April 12th 2007 the European Parliament voted in favor of a complete ban on the import, export and sale of dog and cat fur across the European Union. A very large majority of MEPs voted for the ban, following a public outcry over evidence that dog and cat fur products were still entering the EU. 

Over a million EU citizens signed a petition calling for an end to the trade and a number of Member States requested action from the Euopean Commission.

The proposed Regulation agreed will prohibit all production, marketing and imports and exports of cat and dog fur across the EU. Similar blanket bans exist in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

The Regulation should reach Final Adoption stage at the EU Council in June this year.

WSPA welcomes the European Parliament’s decision to ban the trade in cat and dog fur as a great step towards the recognition of fur as a cruel and unnecessary fashion item.

It is hoped that the move will signal a tougher stance from Europe on the fur trade in general. All fur-bearing animals are sentient beings and experience pain and suffering as a result of confinement, handling and killing methods.

The cat and dog fur trade problem

The trade in cat and dog fur claims over two million animals every year. The majority is believed to be imported from China, although there is evidence of a cat and dog fur trade within European countries.

The animals are kept in appalling conditions and killed by inhumane methods including bludgeoning or strangling. Evidence shows that many animals are still alive when skinned.
The fur is then used to make clothing, toys and shoes. The fur from at least twelve adult dogs, or up to twenty-four cats, is needed to make one fur coat.
Dog and cat fur products are often deliberately mislabeled as synthetic or ‘fake’ fur.

Against animal cruelty

WSPA is completely opposed to the taking of animals from the wild for their fur or skins, and to the farming of animals for the same purpose, and we are therefore proud members of the Fur Free Alliance. 

We would like to applaud our member organization the Humane Society International (HSI) and their partner organization Respect for Animals, whom after many years of investigation and campaigning successfully managed to raise the awareness of the dog and cat fur trade within the European Commission.

Further information on campaigning against fur >>

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