Humane slaughter agreement signed In China

Feb 12, 2007

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on humane slaughter programs in China was signed by the World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA) and the Beijing Chaoyang Anhua Animal Product Safety Research Institute (APSRI) on Saturday February 10th.

The MoU was signed by the WSPA’s Director General Peter Davies and the President of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce He Jihai and Director of the Beijing Chaoyang Anhua Animal Product Safety Research Institute (APSRI) Jia Zili, at a ceremony in Bejing.
Peter Davies, Director General of the WSPA, said “This is a momentous step forward for the welfare of farm animals in China. We are proud to be partnering with APSRI and commend them for their recognition of farm animal welfare as a critical issue of the future.”

The WSPA and the APSRI will work in partnership to provide training and support on the humane transport, handling, stunning and slaughter of farm animals.  The organizations will also work with relevant Chinese government agencies to establish humane slaughter legislation and codes of practice.

Jia Zili, Director of the APSRI, said: “We are very glad to cooperate with the WSPA, the world’s largest animal welfare organization, to put the humane slaughter training program into practice. This will help us make great progress in humane slaughter in China.”

China is the largest producer of meat in the world, farming the largest number of poultry, the second largest number of cattle and almost 50% of the world’s pig population. The WSPA and the APSRI have been working together to improve animal welfare since 2005. The MoU will mark a significant step forward in developing and improving humane slaughter programs in China, thereby also improving the quality of meat.

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