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Listen to an interview with WSPA's bear expert!

Nov 2, 2007

He's rescued bears from some of the cruelest situations in the world, conducted dangerous undercover investigations, and traveled around the globe.  Now, you can hear his radio interview.

Listen as renowned international bear expert and WSPA Wildlife Advisor Victor Watkins discusses his unique and exciting work rescuing bears around the world.
Watkins was interviewed live on ON POINT, a morning news program at Boston based radio station WBUR, broadcast on over 100 NPR stations across the United States.  You can hear the informative and engaging interview online at  
Watkins discussed his and WSPA's work to rescue bears from cruelty and exploitation, as well as the welfare needs still facing bears today.   As the head of WSPA's “Libearty” campaign on behalf of bears around the world, Watkins has led efforts to end the use of dancing bears in Greece and Turkey, build bear sanctuaries in Thailand, Pakistan, Romania and other locations, and investigate the illegal trade of bear parts in China and Korea. 

Watkins also talked about WSPA's continuing work to bring an end to some of the cruelest practices on earth including bear baiting, bear farming, and the exploitation of captive bears for entertainment purposes.  
Listen to the interview now!  This is a great chance for supporters who are unable to attend Watkins' United States speaking tour to hear our bear expert live!

Visit the ON POINT website to listen.

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