New livestock teaching farm in Indonesia

May 3, 2007

A new livestock teaching farm has opened in Banda Aceh, Indonesia to replace the previous facility destroyed by 2004’s tsunami. The opening of the new farm on May 3rd marks a step towards the full recovery of animal welfare facilities in the devastated region.

Representatives from WSPA  and member societies Humane Society International (HSI) and Yudisthira Swarga were present to formally hand over the teaching farm to the Dean of The University of Syiah Kula Veterinary School and its students. Many of its students and lecturers were killed in the tsunami.

Livestock veterinary skills are greatly needed in a region where people rely on their animals for their livelihoods. This meant that rebuilding the livestock teaching farm was a top priority.

Not only will the new farm be an effective teaching unit, it will also provide good animal welfare for the animal inhabitants. WSPA, HSI and Giant Steps have co-funded the member society-led construction project, plus support to introduce and implement the veterinary teaching syllabus for animal welfare: Concepts in Animal Welfare.

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