UK member society aids in flood relief

Aug 1, 2007

Following the recent flooding across the UK, WSPA member society the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), has deployed inspectors and up to a third of its field workers to the worst hit regions in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Oxfordshire.

RSPCA flood rescue teams have been working tirelessly alongside the emergency services and the Red Cross, rescuing animals and their owners in distress. Sor far they have helped over 3,000 animals, answered requests for water for 5,616 animals and rescued 62 people.

RSPCA Superintendent Tim Wass said, “this situation is unprecedented. There hasn't been a time in living memory when the RSPCA has deployed so many officers to one blighted area. I'm immensely proud of their response.”

WSPA Director of Disaster Management, Philip Russell, described the RSPCA operation as "absolutely first class and a truly inspiring intervention…without the skill of the RSPCA field staff, many more animals would have lost their lives and suffered horribly."

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