WSPA brings aid to animals in disaster zones worldwide

Nov 13, 2007

Thanks to our supporters and member societies, WSPA has recently been able to come to the aid of thousands of animal victims of natural disasters around the world.  Below is an update on our recent completed disaster relief efforts for animals. 

Dominican Republic, October 2007-  Hurricane Noel: In the run up to Hurricane Noel striking the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, our regional disaster team worked hard on preparedness with local member societies and through relevant media channels. Post hurricane strike, the member societies undertook assessments for WSPA on the situation in country and on the animal need. WSPA provided funds to member societies SODOPRECA and Fundacion Salvavidas to repair animal shelters.

Costa Rica, October 2007 - Flooding: Throughout the month of October, consistent storms and flooding plagued northern and central Costa Rica, and an estimated 40,000 farm and companion animals were affected.  In the aftermath, WSPA teams were on the ground providing animals with food and veterinary care and helping find shelter for lost and abandoned animals.  Overall, WSPA funded and directed four disaster relief teams that worked with member society and government staff to reach and treat thousands of animals.

Nicaragua, September 2007 - Hurricane Felix: After this category 5 storm hit one of the poorest communities of Nicaragua, WSPA's disaster relief team headed an operation composed of member society and government staff that reached over 6000 animals.  Other animal welfare groups from around the world also provided financial and technical assistance.  As detailed in our full report, the operation was a great success that benefited countless animals and people in Nicaragua.

Peru, August 2007 - Earthquake: WSPA member society Unidos por los Animales (UPA) was on the ground helping animals just days after the 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit near Lima, Peru. A WSPA field officer arrived shortly after to assist and provide food and veterinary supplies, enabling the UPA disaster relief team to treat over 1000 animals.  WSPA and UPA have also used the disaster and response as an opportunity to lobby for humane animal control and disaster preparedness programs.

Jamaica, August 2007 - Hurricane Dean: A WSPA disaster relief team worked tirelessly with our local member society the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) to treat and rescue hundreds of animals left homeless, injured, and starving in the wake of this devastating hurricane.  WSPA also funded repairs to the JSPCA and another local animal shelter damaged by the hurricane.  Weeks later, the JSPCA is still caring for many animals who lost their homes and working to reunite them with owners or find new homes in cases where the owners can't take them back. They also report that pets are now being included in disaster preparedness planning so that animals as well as people will fare better in future disasters.

Japan, July 2007 - Typhoon Man-yi:  When a typhoon struck the Okinawan-American Animal Rescue Society (OAARS) in Okinawa, Japan, the shelter was devastated—windows were broken, doors were ripped off hinges, and worst of all, the roof was torn right off the building.  WSPA stepped in to replace the roof and help fortify the shelter against future disasters.  All repairs have now been completed and OAARS has joined the WSPA network as a member society.   

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