WSPA responds to disaster alerts in Mexico and Indonesia

Nov 21, 2007

Mexican Floods – Tabasco Region
WSPA funded veterinarians have been working in partnership with the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) assessment and intervention team in the region for the last two weeks with success. Due to the experience of the individuals involved, they have been given the hardest sectors to work within and have operated effectively throughout. While the situation is slowly improving, WSPA is yet to decide as to the timescale of continued work in this situation. The work WSPA has funded has been companion-animal work but the intervention as a whole has focused on wildlife, farm animals and companion animals.

Indonesia – Mt. Kelud Volcano
Mt. Kelud Volcano has been threatening to erupt over a period of several weeks and WSPA were monitoring the need to get involved. While not reaching eruption state, the volcano deposited (and continues to deposit) a large quantity of ash on the surrounding area. This ash is affecting local animals' general health and their ability to feed and take water due to contaminated sources. WSPA is funding a member society ProFauna to undertake emergency feed and watering of animals and is covering the cost of the veterinary supplies required by the intervention team to improve conditions for the animals. The funds required will go towards providing a better situation for around 8000 livestock and farm animals.

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