Reducing animal suffering in disaster prone Bangladesh.

Dec 7, 2007

Starving livestock, Bangladesh

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) will direct its efforts towards long-term sustainable solutions that will reduce the affect of disasters such as cyclone Sidr on animals and the communities that rely on them in Bangladesh.

The need for a longer-term approach was confirmed by the organization's second post-disaster assessment in four months, carried out over the past fortnight. A previous assessment in August of this year, following the country’s worst floods in living memory, led to WSPA delivering veterinary treatment and emergency feed aid.

Dr Ian Dacre, Disaster Management Director for Asia, said: "In a country battered by natural disasters several times a year, it is crucial to plough the resources we can into effective and sustainable risk reduction efforts to prevent such widespread suffering and damage in future."

This approach will involve working with Government and other agencies to consider ideas, such as models for improved infrastructures and education, that would help to maintain feed supplies for animals and animal health.

In addition, WSPA plans to share the knowledge gained during its recent animal welfare assessments with other agencies working in Bangladesh..

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