WSPA cheers bullring closure reports

Jan 12, 2007

Bullfight in progess, Catalonia

WSPA is delighted by recent news reports that say the last bullring in Barcelona, Spain, is due to close, due to lack of public interest in the cruel spectator sport.

In 2003 WSPA and ADDA (Asociacion Defensa Derechos Animal) presented a petition to the Catalan city of Barcelona, with the aim of making bullfighting illegal.

Reports that La Monumental, the last operational bullring in Barcelona, is likely to close because its losing money every week is really great news for animal welfare. But WSPA and ADDA will continue to press the regional government to bring a legal end to bullfighting as soon as possible.

Leah Garces WSPA Director of campaigns

An opinion poll recently carried out found that 82% of Catalonia people believe that bullfights are cruel and unjustified events.

Catalonia is already the leading anti-bullfighting region of Spain, with local councils in several towns and cities, including Barcelona, having declared themselves opposed to the cruel sport.

“Our campaign [culture without cruelty] must go on until we have achieved significant political decisions on this issue, but it’s also clear that public opposition is continuing to grow and we may see bullfighting dying out for commercial reasons too.”  Leah Garces - WSPA Director of campaigns.

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