WSPA assessing impact of cyclone Sidr on animals in Bangladesh

Nov 16, 2007

Cow beside flooding, Bangladesh

A WSPA Disaster Assessment and Response Team is assessing the impact of cyclone Sidr on animals in Bangladesh after it hit the country on Thursday night (15 November) killing more than 400 people as it uprooted trees, destroyed homes and forced tens of thousands to flee for their lives.

Bangladesh, a low-lying delta nation of more than 140 million people, is lashed by cyclones and floods every year which can devastate communities and the animals which they rely on for food and for their livelihoods.

In August 2007 WSPA delivered veterinary treatment and emergency feed to animals affected by Bangladesh’s worst floods in living memory.

Further updates and details of any intervention by WSPA will be posted here.

Read more about WSPA’s disaster management work.

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