Peaceful protest calls for end to cruel contest

Dec 6, 2007

Pig of Flowers

The Pigs of God contest causes extreme suffering. Pigs are confined and force fed for up to two years, reaching six times their normal weight. Most cannot walk or stand up and have to be hauled to slaughter by up to twenty men. The pigs are slaughtered in public while fully conscious.

The San Shia currently offers a gold medal to the heaviest pig. The coalition believes that in doing so the Temple is encouraging and endorsing this cruelty. We are calling on them to abolish the Pigs of God contest and instead celebrate their festival compassionately by making offerings of flower, candy and fruit.

A representative for the Asian Coalition for Farm Animals (ACFA) – of which local group Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) is a member – said:
“We hope this life-size pig of flowers will send a clear message to the Temple leaders that the contest is cruel and unnecessary. By banning it not only would they be taking a clear stance against cruelty and violence in their community, they would also be joining a number of Temples who have already done so.”

The coalition hopes their peaceful protest will also generate support for their petition website, which has already gathered over 15,000 signatures internationally. The website has been designed to mirror this appeal by encouraging people to place a virtual flower on a virtual pig. To add your flower, visit

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