World welcomes news that Japan will spare humpbacks

Dec 22, 2007

A Japanese whaling ship

WSPA welcomes the news that Japan is no longer seeking to kill 50 humpback whales in their current Antarctic hunt. However over 1,350 other whales are still being targeted as part of Japan’s largest ever whaling quota.

Sadly, the lives of the humpbacks are only temporarily safe – this is merely a postponement and these whales may still end up being killed in bloody and inhumane hunts.

Meanwhile, the so-called “scientific whaling” continues. Other species have no reprieve from the Japanese fleet, which WSPA condemned when it set sail in November.

There is no doubt that whaling causes slow and painful deaths; struck by explosive harpoons, whales can take over an hour to die.

WSPA campaigner Claire Bass said:
"It doesn‘t matter whether Japan has a humpback whale or a minke whale in its sights – all whaling is cruel, unnecessary and totally unacceptable. We won‘t stop campaigning until all whale species are off the menu."

WSPA believes that the best – and most humane – use of whales is watching, not killing.

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