Sun bear added to Red List of Threatened Species

Dec 2, 2007

Sun Bear

WSPA considers the potential extinction of these animals a serious issue, and understands that, as well as habitat destruction, human exploitation is largely to blame. In addition to their numbers falling rapidly in the wild, tens of thousands endure pain and suffering  in bear farms across south east Asia and by being forced to dance and fight for human entertainment.

Help WSPA to fight this cruelty by supporting its campaigns to stop these practices. Issues we are working on include:

Asiatic Black bears and some sun bears are subjected to bile extraction in bear farms. WSPA’s report, “From Cage to Consumer" reveals that the availability of farmed bear bile and products containing it are further driving demand for wild bear products, with traders stating that wild bear gall is of a much higher quality than farmed bear bile. 

WSPA investigators recently gathered evidence that shows bears in bile farms in some Asian countries are being poached from the wild, despite legislation that should prevent such trade.

Bear farming is incredibly cruel and unnecessary and we are determined to stop it.

In addition to bears undergoing painful bile extraction, sloth bears are used in bear baiting and bear dancing. WSPA runs campaigns to end both of these practices which currently involve bears being poached from the wild to fight and dance. Our bear dancing projects involve the training of forest guards to stop the poaching which enables these cruel practices to continue.

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