Twelve thousand cattle at risk in Argentina

Mar 2, 2007

Heavy rains since October 2006 have caused flooding of the lowlands and islands of the Paraná River in the Santa Fe Province of Argentina, with 500,000 cattle at immediate risk and 100,000 already evacuated.

The situation worsened recently with severe rains leading to a surge in the river level.  Between 30,000 and 50,000 cattle have died due to the flooding and a further 12,000, evacuated to roadsides by small scale cattle farmers, are at risk of starvation and need immediate help.

WSPA has been requested by the Minister of Agriculture for Santa Fe to provide assistance and advice.  In support of the provincial government relief efforts, WSPA will provide enough feed for adult cattle and calves to last for the next few weeks.  This will cover the feeding requirements until national relief becomes available.

WSPA is also working with the Santa Fe Province authorities to reduce the impact of flooding on animals in the future.


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