Animals Matter campaign goes from strength to strength

Jul 16, 2008

A UDAW will encourage animal welfare work in Cambodia, such as the new working horse project

The Cambodian government, Animal Welfare Board of India, and Australian Veterinary Association are all using their powerful voices to call for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW). They join over 1.5 million individuals supporting the Animals Matter campaign.

Our newest champions join a truly international movement. Together, animal welfare groups, individuals, politicians and others are campaigning for a UDAW – an agreement to respect animals and their welfare needs – to be endorsed by the United Nations.

Find out more about what a UDAW is and what it will achieve >>

New friends in high places

  • The Cambodian government have stated their full support for a Declaration, joining the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Poland and others.

    It is crucial that Cambodian government sees animal welfare as a matter of global importance. Their support for a UDAW will both urge other governments in Asia to support this initiative and further strengthen animal welfare works in Cambodia – such as the WSPA-supported project addressing the health needs of 30,000 working horses.

  • The Animal Welfare Board of India, part of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, wrote a strong letter of support, acknowledging the link between animals, humans and the ecosystem. Importantly, they also stressed the need to protect animals for their own sake, as conscious beings.

    We hope this will lead to formal support for a UDAW from the Indian government.

  • Australia’s national veterinary association joined those of Chile, New Zealand, UK, the Philippines, Thailand and Colombia in publicly supporting a UDAW. As arguably the professionals working most closely with animals, it is incredibly valuable that vets agree that animals deserve respect and protection from cruelty.

Empowering ALL animal advocates

While the support of professionals and ministers throws weight behind our calls for UN acceptance, it also empowers the many animal welfare organizations with more local goals.

The very journey of the Animals Matter campaign – collecting signatures, forwarding e-mails, holding events – is promoting animal welfare as a major international concern for animals, people and the environment.

See which organizations in your region are supporting the campaign >>

You can be a powerful advocate for animals too – please sign up to the Animals Matter campaign and encourage friends and family to join you.

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