Battling Bolivia's Floods

Mar 12, 2008

WSPA and member society Animales S.O.S. are feeding thousands of animals left stranded during increasingly severe floods in Bolivia which began late last year. 

The Bolivian Government has now declared 57 municipalities areas of natural disaster. Around 13,000 cattle are estimated dead and farmers have responded by moving their families and surviving livestock to higher ground.

WSPA and Animales S.O.S. are delivering sacks of emergency feed for cattle, horses, pigs, dogs, and cats. Feed is also being left at strategic points of higher ground for wildlife such as deer whose food supplies have been cut off as a result of the floods.

James Sawyer, WSPA Disaster Relief Operations Manager, said: “Nearly 5,000 families are sheltering in 37 camps alongside their animals which are also suffering. Many of these people rely on livestock for their livelihood as they produce milk for their families to consume and sell. Pets also provide companionship and comfort, particularly at difficult times such as these.”

He added: “After initial assessments we used hospital boats to get sacks of feed as well as medication to these camps. Responding to the worsening situation and growing need our increased relief operation which began last month and will run through March covers the Santa Cruz, Santa Ana, Trinidad and Cochabamba regions.”

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