Experts turn out for farm animal welfare in China

Apr 25, 2008

In April, world-renowned animal welfare experts traveled to China to take part in a landmark conference on farm animal welfare.


WSPA, along with three other leading animal welfare organizations - Compassion in World Farming, the Humane Society International and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – joined forces to host the two-day conference.
Amy Firth, WSPA's Farm Animal Welfare Program Manager, described the standard of presentations and the interest in the conference as truly heartwarming.

 “There is a real desire to improve farm animal welfare in China and WSPA will do all that we can to assist with this,” she added.

Peter Davies, Director General of WSPA, said: “The commitment to and knowledge shared at this conference is another hugely significant step for farm animal welfare in China.”

More than 150 Chinese specialists attended the conference, including scientists, government officials and national media.
This landmark conference, which brought together leading experts from across China, as well as international speakers from six countries, will advance the move towards more humane and sustainable farm animal welfare in China.

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