Inhumane dog cull in India – Take action

May 19, 2008

Inhumanley slaughtered dogs

Inhumane dog culling is continuing in Kerala - India - in an alleged attempt to control rabies. Citizens For Animals and WSPA member society Animal Rescue Kerala (ARK) have joined forces to draw international attention to this cruelty.

For over two years  ARK has been trying to combat the cruel treatment of dogs by the authorities in Thiruvananthapuram Municipality, in the tourist hotspot of Kerala, southern India.

The WSPA has written a number of times to the Kerala authorities, but according to the ARK, the inhumane culling is continuing.

Ineffective against rabies

Rabies is a major concern in India, but indiscriminate culls are ineffective and often involve extreme cruelty. They can even trigger rabies outbreaks by disrupting stable dog populations. The Who Health Organization (WHO) does not support inhumane methods; instead, they strongly advocate mass vaccination of dogs.

There are humane and effective alternatives to mass culling and the WSPA is working in partnership with governments and member societies worldwide on humane dog population management.

India does have legislation to protect animals against cruelty and to promote humane animal control, but it appears it is being ignored in Kerala.

WSPA Asia in now appealing to the Animal Welfare Board of India to intervene, and is also working intensively with the Indian organizations to support their efforts and campaign.

Take action

Write a letter: please take a moment to write directly to the Kerala government or to your Indian embassy to show that international eyes are watching.

Download sample letters:

Sample embassy letter >> (Word doc 60KB)   
Sample government letter >> (Word doc 63KB)

Please keep us informed and send us a copy of your letter to WSPA at

Online petition: Citizens for Animals, an organization based in India, are running a petition - visit the petition site now to make your voice heard.

With your help we can send a strong message and help put a stop to this cruelty.

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