Protest against the suffering of Spanish bulls

Apr 25, 2008

A public protest met the start of Catalonia's bullfighting season, which signals the slaughter of over a hundred bulls each year. Anti-bullfighting organizations took to the Barcelona streets in April to campaign against cruelty. Will you sign up to support them?

Over 300 people from organizations including WSPA member society ADDA demonstrated outside Barcelona's last bullring in a protest organized by political party PACMA. The Monumental bullring is a relic – its waning popularity gives further weight to a 2007 Gallup poll that revealed that 80.7% of Catalans have no interest in bullfighting.

ADDA and their supporters are dedicated to stopping bullfighting in Catalonia. WSPA and ADDA's joint petition, which calls for an immediate ban, has found international support. It was last delivered to the Catalan parliament when we reached an inspiring 550,000 names in December 2006.

But we have to keep up the pressure. Another petition presentation is planned for 2008 so please sign today and help us convince the Catalan parliament to ban this bloody sport and end the horrific suffering of so many animals. 

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