Regional winners announced in anti-fur design competition

Nov 14, 2008

Design Against Fur is a poster competition for students, held every year by the Fur Free Alliance. WSPA is a member of the Alliance, which campaigns to bring an end to the killing of animals for their fur.

Student entrants from around the world are asked to capture the imagination of fashion consumers with the message that wearing fur is cruel and unnecessary.

This year is particularly exciting as the majority of the 7,000 entries came from China, showing that animal welfare does count in the country where the majority of the world's fur is produced.

The fur industry

The fur industry is responsible for the mistreatment and death of over 50 million animals for fashion every year. Species killed for non-essential luxury items include lynx, wolves, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, minks, racoons, beavers, squirrels, cats and dogs.

Animals farmed for their fur suffer from physical and behavioral abnormalities brought on by squalid, unsuitable conditions and the stress of being caged. At the end of a life devoid of natural behaviors or conditions, horrifically cruel slaughter methods - designed to preserve the pelt - are used.

The use of traps and snares on wild animals offers a no less painful death, and some have been declared inhumane by veterinary associations.

Fur trim: as bad as a full coat

The fur trim industry is now worth half a billion dollars a year, with China being the largest producer and exporter of fur trim and accessories. Fur trim is not what's left over from making fur coats; in fact, the number of animals killed for fur trim is overtaking the number killed to make full coats.

This trend is particularly worrying because the necessary pelt quality for trim is not as high as for coats, meaning the animals are subject to greater mistreatment - the fur spoiled by injury or disease can simply be discarded. Please ensure that nothing you buy has fur in the lining or anywhere else.

Take time to learn more

For further information about fur farming, fur bearing animals and more consumer tips - including a guide on telling fake from real fur - visit the Fur Free Alliance website. This is the world's largest coalition of animal protection and welfare organizations - including WSPA - working to end the exploitation and killing of animals for their fur.

November offers you the chance to vote in the Design Against Fur poster competition and influence which anti-fur artwork will win the People's Choice prize. Voting closes at the end of the month, so go to the Design Against Fur website to see the designs and cast your vote now!


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