WSPA urges Vietnam to stay on track to end bears suffering in bear farms

May 23, 2008

Cages in an Asian bear farm

Update: WSPA representatives met last week with officials from Quang Ninh Provincial Government. We urged them to ensure that the bears are confiscated and placed into a sanctuary. In addition we offered our help to the government to facilitate the confiscation.

Justin Gosling, WSPA’s Wildlife Program Manager for Asia, said:
“A final decision on the fate of the bears has still not been made despite the May 15 deadline passing, and while this is frustrating, it does mean that there is still time to write to the Vietnamese embassies to voice your concerns.
"Vietnamese media are urging the authorities to take firm action, and with international pressure we may be able to ensure that these bears live the remainder of their lives in sanctuary.”

See below for how to contact your nearest Vietnamese embassy and show your concern for the bears' future.

May 7 2008: The fate of 80 illegally held and endangered Asiatic Black bears hangs in the balance

The fate of 80 illegally held and endangered Asiatic Black bears hangs in the balance as Vietnamese Authorities decide whether or not to remove them from cruel bear farms.

In 2005 Vietnam announced their intention to phase out bear farming and introduced a law that stated any bears found without microchips in bear farms will be confiscated. WSPA worked with Vietnam’s Forest Protection Unit, to micro-chip all of the bears in the country, and monitor the farms to ensure that no new bears enter the industry.

Justin Gosling, WSPA’s Wildlife Program Manager for Asia, comments, “After seven months the fate of these bears is still undecided.  The Provincial government of Quang Ninh, who will make a decision by the May 15th 2008, must act now to stop further unnecessary suffering of the bears. They should be confiscated in line with the law and released into the sanctuary provided by Animals Asia Foundation.”

These 80 bears, could be subjected to extreme pain and suffering during the daily bile extraction, which is completely unnecessary as alternatives exist.
Gosling added “An alarming new discovery has caused us even more concern as there seems to be a growing tourist industry around bear farming in the Quang Ninh province with tourists visiting the cruel farms to consume bear bile and meat and see demonstrations of the extraction process. The Government has to act now to ensure bear farming really does end in the country.”

If you are concerned for these bears you can e-mail your Vietnam embassy before May 15th.  Use the link below to find your embassy:

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