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Animal welfare on the agenda for developing countries

Nov 17, 2008
November 11 2008: The G77 hosted their first ambassador-level briefing on animal welfare and how it impacts on human livelihoods. WSPA provided the briefing.

Regional winners announced in anti-fur design competition

Nov 14, 2008
Design Against Fur is a poster competition for students, held every year by the Fur Free Alliance. WSPA is a member of the Alliance, which campaigns to bring an end to the killing of animals for their fur.

Update from Borneo: Peanut and Pickle

Nov 13, 2008
When Lone Dröscher Nielsen first saw Peanut, the little orangutan was so small that Lone - the founder and manager of the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Sanctuary - had no hesitation in choosing a name for her.

Election day brings two critical victories for animals in the United States

Nov 7, 2008
On November 4th voters across the United States turned up in record numbers to make their voices heard for the Presidential election as well as for many crucial state and local initiatives.

$25 million offered for non-surgical sterilization for dogs and cats

Nov 7, 2008
Billionaire surgeon, entrepreneur and inventor Dr. Gary Michelson recently announced that he is offering $25 million to the person or group who can come up with a safe, non-surgical, single dose sterilization method for male and female cats and dogs.

Animal relief reaches Cuba

Nov 7, 2008
A second shipment of veterinary supplies and drugs reached Cuba yesterday, met by one of WSPA’s experienced vets. Work can now begin to treat and protect thousands of suffering animals.

Egypt hosts meeting on animal transport

Oct 24, 2008
A conference in Cairo has explored the relationship between Islam, animal welfare, and the long distance transport of animals for slaughter, putting a spotlight on this cruel and unnecessary trade.

Brazilian ministry backs animal welfare

Oct 24, 2008
This week Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supplies made a leap forward for animal wellbeing by stating official support for the development of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

Landmark animal aid bound for Cuba

Oct 16, 2008
WSPA’s disaster assessment and response team will deliver US$100,000 of coordinated veterinary aid in Cuba next week. This emergency relief is desperately needed – the country was devastated during hurricane season.

Sweden and New Zealand: leaders in animal welfare

Oct 1, 2008
Two governments have made the same significant decision: to recognize the global importance of animals by supporting a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

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