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UN holds landmark first meeting on animal welfare

Sep 30, 2008
WSPA made recommendations at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization's first ever meeting dedicated to discussing the implementation of good animal welfare practices on Monday, September 29.

From the field: updates on disaster management

Sep 30, 2008
Despite the cyclone season nearing its end, WSPA’s disaster assessment and response teams remain busy across Asia and the Caribbean. Find out more >>

World Rabies Day: Time for humane solutions

Sep 25, 2008
Rabies, though preventable, kills 55,000 people and countless dogs every year. Often, governments respond by shooting or poisoning dogs. On 28 September, WSPA will be raising awareness about more humane solutions.

Bears escape cruel ‘dancing’ destiny

Sep 23, 2008
Four sloth bears were rescued from a life spent ‘dancing’ by authorities in Nepal last week, acting on information provided by WSPA member society the Wildlife Trust of India.

A convert from cruelty: former baiter gives up last bear

Sep 19, 2008
WSPA member society the Bioresource Research Center of Pakistan has seen its persistence pay off again this month, as a former bear baiter gave his last remaining bear the chance of a better life at the Kund Park sanctuary.

Emergency help for Bihar’s stranded communities

Sep 8, 2008
WSPA Asia’s disaster assessment and response team is on the ground in the flood-stricken Bihar region of India, with further specialist veterinary help and medicine on its way.

A symbol of hope: protecting Myanmar’s animals

Sep 5, 2008
Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar in May 2008, causing nearly 85,000 human fatalities. It also destroyed large areas of the Ayeyarwady Delta region and wiped out an estimated 48 million animals, becoming the worst natural disaster in the country's recorded history.

Japan Dolphin Day: a spotlight on large-scale suffering

Sep 1, 2008
On September 3, WSPA and other peaceful protesters will draw attention to secretive and violent hunts that take place in Japanese waters.

Blind bears start new lives in world’s largest bear sanctuary

Aug 19, 2008
Two blind bears that spent their lives in tiny, rusting cages found new homes in the woodland enclosures of the world’s biggest bear sanctuary last week, funded by WSPA.

Promoting animal welfare, protecting human health

Aug 8, 2008
WSPA and the Pan American Health Organization are working towards better care for animals, which can help prevent the development of diseases affecting humans.

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