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Urgent help needed for animals that cyclone survivors depend on

May 8, 2008
An emergency veterinary team is on stand-by in Thailand, awaiting approval to enter cyclone struck Myanmar (Burma)

WSPA counters abandonment of cats in China

May 2, 2008
In March 2008, WSPA began investigating claims that a mass 'cat cull' was planned in China in advance of the Olympic Games, as was reported in several news sources.

Spring brings bloody waters in Norway - the whaling season has started

May 2, 2008
Norwegian whalers yesterday made the first kill of the season: a calf. Though the majority of Norwegians are against the cruelty inflicted by whaling, Norwegian whalers are set to kill 1,052 whales in the hunts that started on Wednesday morning.

Dying to entertain you

Apr 29, 2008
A dolphin has died during a live stunt show at Discovery Cove, Florida, proving once again that captivity is never acceptable for these intelligent mammals.

Protest against the suffering of Spanish bulls

Apr 25, 2008
A public protest met the start of Catalonia's bullfighting season, which signals the slaughter of over a hundred bulls each year.

Experts turn out for farm animal welfare in China

Apr 25, 2008
In April, world-renowned animal welfare experts traveled to China to take part in a landmark conference on farm animal welfare.

Fears for welfare of Korean dogs

Mar 28, 2008
The Seoul Metropolitan Government is proposing that dogs in Korea should be re-categorized as livestock, which would give the dog meat trade in South Korea legal status.

WSPA urges rethink on Beijing cat cull

Mar 26, 2008
WSPA is deeply concerned by reports that China is culling cats in its capital city in advance of the Olympic Games in August.

Thousands of horses to benefit from new clinic

Mar 19, 2008
WSPA and member society El Refugio have opened a clinic to help the overloaded and overworked horses of Colombia’s capital.

Battling Bolivia's Floods

Mar 12, 2008
WSPA and member society Animales S.O.S. are feeding thousands of animals left stranded during increasingly severe floods in Bolivia which began late last year.

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