Emergency help for Gaza’s vital working animals

Jan 14, 2009

Gaza, December 2008: A horse works hard in difficult circumstances

WSPA is funding over US$10,000 of veterinary supplies to assist the Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS) as they respond to the current conflict’s brutal effects on working and companion animals.

In Gaza, where fuel is scarce, people rely on donkeys and horses – they are the primary means of transport and are also used for moving goods.

Before the current conflict, the health and wellbeing of these hard-working animals enabled the people of Gaza to carry out their necessary daily activities; activities they will need to return to as soon as possible.

Treating burns and wounds

Although information is hard to gather, pictorial evidence and reports from Gaza show donkeys and horses have been killed by shrapnel and are suffering from burns. Those that have survived are in desperate need of veterinary care.

This information, combined with PWLS’ experience of the area, has led them to identify first aid as the most urgent area of animal need.

WSPA’s funding will enable PWLS, part of our Member Society Network, to purchase:

  • syringes
  • gauze
  • gloves
  • sutures
  • saline
  • antibiotics and other life-saving drugs
  • a small amount of feed.

While we currently believe the primary animal welfare need to be the treatment of working animals, vets working with PWLS will also administer first aid to injured dogs and cats that are presented to them.

Delivering animal aid

We believe PWLS, who have the support of other WSPA member societies in the region, will gain access to deliver these much-needed veterinary supplies to the heart of Gaza.

Once past the checkpoints, they will work with local vets to administer the aid.

Further updates will be given as the aid is delivered

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