Leona says Animals Matter: new WSPA film

Oct 26, 2009

Leona brought her family dog Misty to the WSPA photo shoot

Leona pledged her support for the charity's Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) campaign at a video and photo shoot at the Sony BMG offices in the UK.

She was joined by her family dog Misty for the photo shoot.

Animal advocate

Speaking about her support for World Society for the Protection of Animals, Leona said: "I wanted to get involved with WSPA because I think they are doing great campaigns. I've always been a huge advocate for any charities that are trying to help animals, because they are trying to change laws to protect animals – which I think is amazing.”

"I support WSPA because they are trying to end some of the most appalling acts of animal cruelty in the world."

She summed up her belief in the UDAW campaign: "One reason animals are so vulnerable to cruelty is because there is no universal agreement between nations that animals can suffer and feel pain... The campaign for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare could be the beginning of the end for animal cruelty across the world."

"It's up to us to give these animals a voice, and put a stop to cruelty and neglect, right now."

Join Leona: give animals a voice

Leona calls on her supporters to join her in backing the Animals Matter campaign. Go to wspa.org.uk/leonalewis to join in and pledge your support.

Fans of the singer can also see a behind the scenes film of the charity video shoot and hear news about her new album, her career and lifestyle on WSPA YouTube channel.

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