Leona Lewis, top international singer/songwriter, supports WSPA

Mar 11, 2009

Leona is a lover of animals and passionate about WSPA's work

British singer Leona Lewis has named the World Society for the Protection of Animals as one of her favorite charities on her website and wants to build her knowledge of the charity’s work. 
Leona features a link to WSPA’s UK web site on her official web site and social networking pages. She’s a lover of animals and is passionate about our work.
She said: “I am a great supporter of the World Society for the Protection of Animals. I want to live in a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty ends – and that’s the charity’s goal too.”
“I’m really impressed by their campaigns and I am keen to find out more about their work. I want to really understand the animal welfare issues that WSPA is addressing around the world. Cruelty towards animals must be stopped, and I want to do everything I can to help.”  
Leah Garcés, WSPA International Director of Programs, said the charity is delighted with Leona’s support:

“We’re thrilled to have Leona on board, WSPA is really lucky that she’s chosen us as one of her favorite charities. We’re looking forward to introducing her to our work around the world. As an international star, she could help us make a huge difference for animals across the globe.” 

London-born Leona shot to global fame after winning X Factor in 2007. She was the first British female artist to have a number one in the USA for twenty years, with her hit single ‘Bleeding Love’ last year.

Leona features WSPA on her website:  http://www.leonalewismusic.co.uk/community

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